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Post  Sparda on Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:15 pm

I was thinking of starting an RP thread involving our group, I just wanted to see if you were all up to it/ felt like trying. It wouldn't be up for a little while because I have college stuff to do and there is planning the story. Anyway if any of you have ideas, pm them or post them here.

This is essentially the RP back story between the Sovereign Empire and my characer(Lord Animus). Animus was born in the Sith empire and essentially left after killing his master and realizing his different views on the force(he believes the same as the Sith but disagrees with their political and Military structure, believing it to be counter-productive so he went solo) and essentially met up with Sanctus(Anubis' character). From there the two went collecting ancient artifacts and such attaining vast amounts of lost knowledge. they occasionally worked with the Sith and still hated the Jedi but nonetheless they had their disputes when dealing with the Empire.

By the time the game starts(10ATC) they rejoin the Empire in an uneasy alliance where Animus runs his own sect/division and does with it as he deems fit along with having full access to the Sith's gathered holocrons but in return he had to share the knowledge he gained when away, the reason the Empire continues to accept him is due to the results he achieves with his division(the Sovereign Empire).

Anyway I tried not to make this too long but I needed to include enough details so you all could understand where we stand on the story/RP side of things. As I said if any of you are interested and have ideas for this RP just post them here, I can't guarantee we will use everything but this would be the best place to start.
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